#UNFORTUNATELY . . . the door is not always open.

#UNFORTUNATELY . . . the answer is often NO. NOT YET. NOT YOU.

Click image above for #UNFORTUNATELY Google Sheet

Click image above for #UNFORTUNATELY Google Sheet

UNFORTUNATELY, rejection is a regular, recurring part of being a creative person that shares their work with the world.

I began a 100 Rejections challenge in July 2017 to develop a thicker skin about rejections and semifinalitis (always a semifinalist, never a bride) and within a year . . . I had over 300 rejections. Womp, womp. It turns out: I am REALLY, REALLY GOOD at getting rejected from things!

It also turns out that the more I allowed my work to be out there (to be judged, rejected, and often ignored), the more acceptances I received.

YEAH. DUH. You can’t get rejected if you never submit/apply for things . . . but you also can’t get accepted either! What was usually 8-10 acceptances a year became 26 acceptances during my #UNFORTUNATELY challenge. That’s 12 months of continuous work (my plays read or produced or developed all over the country and beyond), not to mention the contacts and connects I made just by letting the world know - - I’D LIKE TO BE A PLAYWRIGHT, PLEASE!

As part of The Happy Actor Summit, I’m offering my FREE #UNFORTUNATELY Google Sheet (submission tracker). It will ask you to guesstimate your acceptance rate and set a goal for 100 Acceptances, 100 Rejections or 100 submissions in the next year. You also commit to some data entry . . . tracking each submission, rejection and acceptance.

Hopefully this gives your NEW YEAR some new perspective on your work flow and your relationship to rejection . . . because, #UNFORTUNATELY we all have one.