10 mins
1M, 1F

Love and Happiness is a brave story about the survival of love. Harold wakes at 3am to find his wife Dottie dancing in a sparkling evening gown to Otis Redding. Dottie reveals that she is celebrating the death of Harold's best friend who passed away earlier that evening. 

Confronted with the ghosts of the past, Harold must decide if he will mourn the loss of his best friend, or prove his love for a wife he betrayed.

Premiered in Little Fish Theatre Company's Pick of the Vine Festival in San Pedro, CA (2004).



  • 2004 - Stormy Weather Players, Pregnant Chad New Play Festival (Cornwall, NY)
  • 2004 - New England Academy of Theatre, Short and NEAT One Act Festival (North Haven, CT)
  • 2003 - SLC Summer Theatre Collective, Between 5 Stories Play Festival (NYC)



2012 - Love and Happiness (Heartland Plays)