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120 mins
3M, 4F

You are Pretty explores the intimate lives and loves of workers at the Hippie Ho House, a legal brothel located in Moundhouse, NV. The Hippie Ho House depends primarily on the earnings of its top performer Bunny, known for her kinky parties and exaggerated “polyorgasmic” performances. As the women work to entertain a rotating cast of clients, their livelihood is threatened when Bunny refuses a client for the first time.





For a play with such a tantalizing, sensationalistic premise, Pretty is actually full of nuance, quiet moments, and sadness. It's about the fragile people sucked into such a ruthless lifestyle (however they mask it as a world of fantasy) . . .” Austin Chronicle

“Favorite Moments Onstage,” Austin Chronicle 2008

"If I could be young again, I would offer join (or offer my house to) Austin's busiest acting troupe, St Idiot Collective. Their site-specific valentine this February is You are Pretty by Adrienne Dawes, an earnest tale about the legal sex industry from a feminist perspective that has turned - how shall we say? - romantic." playwright Amparo Garcia Crow, American Theater Magazine


  • 2008 - St Idiot Collective (Austin, TX), site-specific performance

  • 2006 - St Idiot Collective (Austin, TX), workshop

  • 2005 - Live Girls! Theater, New Playwrights Festival (Seattle, WA), reading

  • 2004 - Downstage at Sarah Lawrence College (Bronxville, NY), reading


  • Winner, 2004 Stanley and Evelyn Lipkin Prize for Playwriting

  • 2007 - ScriptWorks Finer Point Funding

  • 2007 - Marchbanks Family Foundation Grant

  • 2006 - ScriptWorks Seed Support Grant