HOW TO TALK TO A GIRL WEARING HEADPHONES  CAST SIZE:  3  (2M, 1F)   How do you talk to a girl wearing headphones?  Start a podcast.    In this millennial twist on the classic romantic comedy "meet cute," a guy meets a girl wearing headphones.     PRODUCTION HISTORY:   2017 - Shovel Town 10-Minute Play Festival (North Easton, MA)  2017 - The Artistic Home (Chicago, IL)  2017 - PCM Theatre, Life is Strange II  (Hamilton, NJ)  2017 - Short Attention Span Theatre (Chestertown, MD)  2017 - Oakville Players, TOP TEN: A Ten Minute Play Festival (Ontario, CANADA)  2017 - Liberty Lake Theatre, One Act Festival (Liberty Lake, WA)  2017 - Dark Night Players (Allen, TX)  2016 - Britches and Hose Theatre Company (Fairfax, VA)   DEVELOPMENT HISTORY:   2017 -  Reading , Itinerant Theatre, Coffee Shop Theater (Lake Charles, LA)  2017 -  Staged Reading ,  Black Coffee Productions, Fresh Grind Festival (NYC)   
 LARPERS IN LOVE  CAST SIZE:  6  (3F, 3M)  Three brave Elven warriors accidentally wander into West Humboldt Park and the hearts of three streetwise teens.       PRODUCTION HISTORY:  2012 - American Theater Company, Big Shoulders Festival (Chicago, IL)
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